Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Wedding -- A Glimpse of Redemption

"Moshe said, with our youngsters and with our elders shall we go; with our sons and with our daughters, with our flock and with our cattle shall we go, because it is a festival of Hashem for us." (Exodus 10:9)

The only way the Jews celebrate is together, "as one man with one heart."

As the week-long celebration after my wedding comes to an end, I had the opportunity to look back on my very special day.

It was a traditional Jewish wedding. We had a chuppah, we had a catered meal, and of course, there was plenty of lively dancing. I wore a black suit, my wife wore a beautiful self-designed dress, and at 21:30 the wedding ended and everyone went home. Nothing unusual.

However, after I had time to think over the experience, I saw that I was merely a character of the grand play: "The Potential of Am Yisrael."

At the chuppah, I stand with eyes dancing through the smiling faces staring back at me. I see Sefardim and Ashkanazim. In the back, my brothers from the army -- many of whom are irreligious -- stand wide-eyed at as this religious ceremony plays out. There are Chareidim standing proud in full garb. There are multi-colored kippot making a wave of color flow through the crowd. There are children and grandparents. I am staring at Klal Yisrael. Nothing separates us. In this moment, with the mountains of Yehuda in the background, I see my nation as it was always meant to be.

As the dancing began, I was overtaken by the love showering down upon me. Around and around I was swirled. Again, the many faces of different Jews flashed before me.
I watched my tzaddik of a father-in-law dressed in his bekeshe and streimel (traditional Hasidic garb), hug and kiss two of the "kippah-less" soldiers, after screaming "Ani Ohev Et HaChayalim!" "I love the soldiers!" I don't know what those soldiers thought of Chareidim before that moment, but I would imagine the moment struck their hearts in a deep way.
One of the wedding guests told my mother: "This is Klal Yisrael."
How did I merit to be part of such a special people?! 
At my wedding I saw my people in all its greatness. At my wedding I danced with all the colors of my people. At my wedding we put another stone in the Third Temple in Heaven.

Thank you for all who participated in making such a G-dly experience.


  1. Beautiful. I wish more blogs, FB posts and twitter updates sang this tune.

    Ps I love your "interests" on your blogger profile.

  2. I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank God I found it on Google. You have made my day! Thx again..